Classes are separated by age & competition teams: 

Ages 2-3 // Creative Movement 

Ages 3-5 // Tiny  

Ages 5-6 // Petite 

Ages 7-8 // Mini 

Ages 8-12 // Junior

Ages 11-14 // Teen 

Ages 14 -18 // Senior 

Ages 18 + // Adult 



Ballet is the basis for all genres of dance and is highly recommended for all dancers. It is the foundation of dance. Red River Dance & Performing Company follows a combination of the French and Cecchetti methods and techniques.


Ballet Technique and Skills

Ballet Tech focuses on the posture and placement needed to correctly execute ballet moves, improving overall technique for all styles of dance.



Dancing en pointe is a form of ballet in which the dancer balances on the tips of the toes with the assistance of pointeshoes. Students must receive Studio Director approval to enroll in pointe class, as it can be harmful if the dancer’s feet and ankles are not fully grown or strengthened properly.

Mommy & Me

30 minute class designed to give tots and their moms an opportunity to dance and learn moves together in fun, safe & happy environment! Moms will have the chance to workout and strengthen body while engaging their little one. This class is for Moms with children ages 1.5 to 2 years old. 

Creative Movement

30 minute class designed to encourage all children to participate. They will explore movement through music, develop physical skills, run off some energy, and stimulate their imaginations to promote creativity. These classes are for young children ages 2-3 or 1.5 to 2 years old with a parent. 


Tiny Ballet/Tap 3-4 

The main focus of Ballet/Tap 3-4  is to combine music, movement, and the imagination to introduce children, ages 3-4,to the beauty of music and the love of dance. Dancers will do half the class in ballet shoes and half in tap shoes.


Petite Ballet/Tap 5-6 

Like Ballet/Tap 3-4, the focus of Ballet/Tap 5-6 is to combine music, movement, and the imagination to introduce children, ages 5-6 ,to the beauty of music and the love of dance. Dancers will continue to learn the fundamentals of dance and build on what they have already learned. Dancers will do half the class in ballet shoes and half in tap shoes.


Designed for the beginning dancer, Ballet/Jazz classes offer a combination of classical ballet and popular jazz dance, making the class a great foundation for all forms of dance.



Jazz dance combines classical and contemporary styles of choreography. It is resembled by popular music combined with quick movements, strength, flexibility, and fluidity. Additional study in ballet is highly recommended for advanced levels of jazz dance.



Tap is a form of dance characterized by a tapping sound created from metal plates attached to both the ball and heel ofthe dancer’s shoe.Precision and speed of sounds increases in difficulty at each level.



Incorporating ballet, jazz, and modern styles of dance, lyrical dancing puts emphasis on the freedom of expression through movement and interpretation of music. Additional study in ballet is highly recommended for advanced levels of lyrical dance,since ballet-based technique is an essential component to this advanced style of dance.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop dancing is characterized by fast, high-energy moves of present day hip hop and pop culture. Basic styles and upto date moves are incorporated into upbeat routines to popular music.


Beginner Acro

A class for beginners, ages 5 and up. This Class works on acrobatic technique including beginning tumbling, conditioning, flexibility, proper form and strengthening. Specific skills for this level include forward and backward rolls,straddle forward roll, head stand, cartwheels and bridges.


Intermediate Acro
Must have teacher’s recommendation.  This class is for beginners entering the intermediate level.  Skills from Beginner Acro must be mastered.  Beginning intermediate level technique is emphasized . Specific skills for this level include handstands, one-handed cartwheel, round-off, bridge walking, back-bend kick-over, handstand forward roll and front limber.


This class analyzes music and helps dancers understand the layers of music, the counts of music and the accents used in all varieties of music. After analyzing music, the dancer will study the variety of ways choreographers use patterns, levels, sides of the stage and direction of the stage for choreography and why it is done.  The third part of the class is to learn dances and create their own dances based on the above information to make them not only better choreographers, but better and more informed dancers.

Audition Skills

Dancers will work skills needed in an audition. Dancers will learn combos to help gain retention and go through a "judging process" during each class to gain feedback each time they leave.

Dance Team Skills

Students will learn not only the basic skills necessary to be a part of any dance team, but also how to support differing strengths within their team to reach maximum potentials.

Flexibility & Skills

Dancers will push their bodies to the limit to improve natural range of motion. Through greater flexibility, dancers can improve in all areas of dance.



Darbys Dancers

Darby’s Dancers is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by the parents of Darby Jones of Huntsville, Alabama. Darby’s Dancers provides an opportunity for children with special needs to participate in the performing arts through dance education. At once-a-week classes, Darby's Dancers learn all types of dance in a fun, encouraging atmosphere. Dancers in the program gain confidence, coordination, strength and lifelong friends, all while feeling like a star.  DD also provides volunteer opportunities for teens. Our youth volunteers learn important lessons in responsibility and friendship by providing one-on-one assistance to each of Darby's dancers. DD classes are taught by volunteer dance instructors and take place in donated studio space. The charitable contributions of youth volunteers, dance instructors, community dance studios and local businesses allow DD to provide dance classes, supplies and costumes to dancers with special needs at no cost to their parents.


Adult Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical

This class is designed for adults ages 18+ and combines ballet, jazz, and lyrical styles throughout the session. 

Adult Hip Hop 

Hip Hop dancing is characterized by fast, high-energy moves of present day hip hop and pop culture. Basic styles and up-to date moves are incorporated into upbeat routines to popular music.

Adult Combo 

This class is designed for ages 18+ and focuses on learning fun dance combinations of different styles each week. 


Tap dance + Aerobic exercise = Tappercise! This class combines basic tap movements with rapid, varying musical rhythms to maintain aerobic activity and challenge the mind of the adult dancer. Tappercise Wednesday offers a level I (beginner) and a level II (intermediate) class. Thursday has a level III (advanced) class for people with several years of tap under their belts. 


Hey Mom's! Do you want to take a class just like your daughter? Momsters is the perfect class for you! Come join us for a fun, upbeat dance class where you can meet other Moms, get your workout in, and have some fun! 


Dads and their daughters have a chance to perform together on-stage at our Winter and Spring recitals. This is a wonderful opportunity Dancers must be currently enrolled in Red River Dance and ages 3 years old & up.


Fairydell Day Camp

This is a day camp for children 3-7 years of age who love fairytales and dancing! Each day, dancers will read a story, enjoy a snack, make an art project, participate in creative movement, and learn a dance that fits to the theme of the day. Family and friends are invited to watch a mini Fairydell Performance held the last day of class.

Dance for Film

This advanceed-level intensive workshop is geared to students interested in expanding and extending their experience with choreography anddance into another art medium. Workshop attendees will benefit from a detailed theoretical and philosophical education, as well as gain practical hands-on experience, in both dance and film mediums.


More, students will develop skills in strategic thinking, planning and problem solving that will be utilized throughout their professional careers. Working together to collaboratively create a tangible final product, choreographers, dancers and filmmakers will develop an original story, translate that story into movement, and compliment and augment that movement with the use of digital capture and editing tools.


At the conclusion of the workshop, students will have an opportunity to premier and showcase their collaboration, and discuss their project in front of a general audience at a local film theater.

Private Lessons

Need some one-on-one training? You can arrange a private lesson with one of our instructors!


Birthday Parties

Looking to have a dance party this year for your birthday? Consider holding your next birthday bash at Red River Dance! You pick the style of dance you want to learn from one of our awesome instuctors specially designed for you on your special day!


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