This advanced-level intensive workshop is geared to students interested in expanding and extending their experience with choreography and dance into another art medium. Workshop attendees will benefit from a detailed theoretical and philosophical education, as well as gain practical hands-on experience, in both dance and film mediums.


Students will develop skills in strategic thinking, planning and problem solving that will be utilized throughout their professional careers. Working together to collaboratively create a tangible final product, choreographers, dancers and filmmakers will develop an original story, translate that story into movement, and compliment and augment that movement with the use of digital capture and editing tools. At the conclusion of the workshop, students will have an opportunity to premier and showcase their collaboration, and discuss their project in front of a general audience at a local film theater.


  • Only 16 students will be admitted to the course.

  • The dates for the workshop are TBA January 2017

  • For ages 13-18 years

  • The students will premier their works at the Fargo Theater in downtown Fargo

  • The cost for the 6-week program is $125 per student 





Red River Community & Performing Company will train students in the basics of choreography and filmmaking. For choreography, students will learn the basics of phrasing and timing, and the use of motion to convey story and emotion. For filmmaking,  students will learn the basics of preproduction techniques including budgeting, marketing, scripting and storyboarding; production techniques include cinematography, camera placement and movement to convey story and emotion; and postproduction techniques include editing. 


Red River Dance & Performing Company view this practical experience as the most valuable aspect of the workshop because the students will be involved and engaged throughout the entire production process. The skills and experience gained through this process will be essential to their development as young adults, creating the foundations for dependability, reliablility, organization, time-management, strategic thinking and planning, financial planning and fiscal responsibility. Students will receive experiential training to learn how to navigate unexpected challenges, and to identify creative and unique solutions to overcome those challenges. 


The premier will be prefaced by a celebration welcome that will include hors d'oeuvres and a photography exhibit highlighting the various stages of the student's efforts throughout the workshop. Art and community leaders from the Fargo-Moorhead area will be invited to speak at the beginning of the premier, and acknowledge the work for the students. After the showing, the audience will be invited to engage the artist and discuss both the productions and the artistic collaboration during a question and answer session. 



The educational program is expected to align to the following schedule:


  • Saturday, October 15

    • Welcome and introduction to the program

    •  Showing of examples of other dance-for-film projects

    •  Student introductions and goal setting

    • Set the expectations and schedule for the workshop

    • Overview of the choreography process for all students

    • Overview of the filmmaking process for all students

    • Discussion about financing and the cost of artistic productions

    •  Identification of preferred roles students would like to fill

    • Break students into groups

    • Student groups identify roles for each group member. Roles tentatively set to include:      

    • Choreographer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Dancers

  • TBA

    • Student Fundraising event

  •  TBA

    • Portrait photographs of students for promotional and fundraising us

    • The importance of story

    • How story is told through choreography

    • How story is told through filmmaking

    • Students break into groups and determine the story their project will tell

  • Saturday, TBA

    • Students are broken into groups based on choreography and filmmaking

    • Choreography group: 

      • ​Choreography 101

    • Filmmaking group 

      • ​The importance of Pre-Production & Producing

      • Storyboarding and location selection

  • Saturday, TBA

​Editing Day 1 (class may be longer than 3 hours, and may be held on a different date dependent on decisions made by the student groups)

  • Saturday, TBA

​Editing Day 2 (class may be longer than 3 hours, and may be held on a different date dependent on decisions made by the student groups)

  • TBA

Film Premier at the Fargo Theater. 7pm pre-party, 7:30 community introductions, film showings and question and answer session


*Students, as a group, may decide to schedule additional time outside of the scheduled workshop hours for all phases of the production schedule - pre-production, production, and post-production.


Register by calling 701.280.0004, email Haylee Thompson at or fill out our registration form below! 

Registration deadline: October 7th 



Locations & Facilities

Instructional seminars and post-production will take place at Red River Dance & Performing Company in Fargo, ND.

If student projects determine the need to shoot on location as a part of their project, shooting may occur outside of the Red River Dance & Performing Company studios.



Students will have an opportunity to shoot professional level digital video using a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera system. Acquisition equipment will be provided by The Coffman Company.





3:30 - 8:00


2921 Fiechtner Drive South

Fargo, ND 58103

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