We are beyond grateful for the amount of love we received this year on Giving Hearts Day. THANK YOU to all who gave to Red River Dance or any participating organization. We had a RECORD BREAKING YEAR and exceeded our goal of $30,000 thanks to the generous hearts in our community and our RRD Family.

130 GIVING HEARTS = $31,477

Check out some of our favorite 2020 Giving Hearts Day moments and learn more about WHY Giving Hearts Day matters at RRD!


Evelyn Cover.png

Red River Dance is thrilled to be on the cover of Fargo Monthly's special Giving Hearts Day 2020 issue! Dancer Evelyn Ness is our featured dancer who is in our Darby's Dancers program, a program that provides free dance education for adults and children with special needs in our community.

Evelyn's mother Deanna details her journey through cancer treatment and everything that dance enabled her to do. Dance allowed Evelyn to be a kid! She rang the bell signaling she was cancer free after 980 days of treatment, and she came to dance class at RRD the very same day!

Visit the link below to the special edition issue featuring Evelyn, her mother Deanna, her instructor Erin Christenson, and our Executive Director Caitlin Killoran. 

Generous donations and volunteers make our Darby's Dancer program possible. Donors can support our efforts and make a contribution anytime!


Red River Dance originally WON a $2,500 prize from Gate City Bank's Giving Hearts Day contest. Each year, Gate City Bank gives thousands to participating charities throughout the region. Red River Dance was nominated and chosen - but we were given an AMAZING surprise!

Gate City Bank gifted RRD with a $10,000 BOOST to our Giving Hearts Day goal. We were not expecting such a generous amount when they presented us with a check! Our SENDECCA Head Start class was here as well to accept the check, and the Gate City Bank executive team got to see their gift in action when they joined us for a dance party to celebrate. Check out the video below!



A major contribution to our Giving Hearts Day success came from Forum Communications Company who matched our donations up to $10,000! We are thrilled to have such a wonderful chance to grow our programs and continue our mission through this extremely generous gift.


We thank the Forum for their incredible support that allows us to provide dance education for ALL!



Red River Dance & Performing Company is a non-profit, year round school of dance that provides instruction to students from the Fargo-Moorhead region. Giving Hearts Day donations help us to allow members of our community to participate in dance who may not otherwise receive dance classes as a result of financial hardships or location. Donations also provide dance for participants of low income families, residents in retirement homes, at-risk students, and special needs children and adults.