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Vision & Mission Statement

Red River Dance is an industry-leading studio that invests in relationships to build strong, physical, technical, and creative dancers.

Red River Dance provides quality instruction, choreography, and performance opportunities for dancers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds by valuing integrity, relationships, growth, adaptability, and creativity. 



Red River Dance values integrity at the core of our business practices. Through a high standard of excellence, and accountability we speak kind words that are instructive, encouraging, and build the individual. We promote a culture where all assume positive intent. We facilitate transparent, honest, and timely transactions.


Red River Dance builds meaningful relationships with our dancers, families, staff, and the larger community. We embrace individuality collaboration and clear communication as the foundation for sustainable and valued relationships.


Red River Dance prioritizes tangible character building experiences on and off the stage. We value learning through self-assessment and goal setting. We celebrate individual gifts through ongoing feedback focused on strengths and opportunities for development. We provide dynamic high quality education and service by investing in our staff, students, volunteers, and infrastructure.


Red River Dance anticipates and responds to diverse needs. We provide differentiated instruction, financial access, and actively pursue and consider feedback.


Red River Dance offers opportunities for creative exploration. Through the art of dance, we ignite passion and provide a framework for safe self-expression. We foster an environment that pushes the boundaries of imagination leading to unexpected discoveries.

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