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To Inquire more about Gem Lines


​​Want to join Gem Lines!? This awesome program gives

beginner/intermediate students a chance to compete at 2-3

competitions per year and perform at community events with

a lower commitment level compared to our Red Lines. 

*2023-2024 season, we will be competing at 3 local competitions!

  • Gem Line age groups:

    • Age is as of 01/01/2024

    • Moonstones // Ages 5-6

    • Sapphires // Ages 7-8  

    • Emeralds // Ages 9-11

    • Rubies // Ages 12-14

    • Diamonds // Ages 14-18

  • Diamonds & Rubies will compete 2 dances per season. 

  • Emeralds, Sapphires & Moonstones will compete 1 dance per season.



Please email for inquiries and questions.

  • Gem Line Tuition 2023-2024

    • Monthly Payments​

      • Diamonds & Rubies // $90 per month​ tuition + $37 per month competition fees

      • Emeralds & Sapphires // $61 per month tuition  + $18 per month competition fees

      • Sapphires & Moonstones // $88 per month tuition (includes required technique class) + $18 per month competition fees

      • Monthly payments includes required competition weekly rehearsal only. Main dance choreography, added rehearsals, staff time spent at events & additional activities, competition fees & activity fee. Additional recreational classes required and billed separately. 

      • Emeralds, Rubies & Diamonds may take any recreational class at a discounted rate of 20% off per recreational class



3 local/regional competitions

1-3 extra performances in community

  • Attendance in regular classes is paramount to being on the

competition teams. Low attendance may result in

dismissal from the teams.

​Dancers will be required to take the following classes for Fall & Spring Session:

  • Moonstones (ages 5-6)  // 1 dance per season 

    • Moonstone rehearsal class includes ballet/tap class (NEW this year)

  • Sapphires (ages 7-8) // 1 routine per season 

    • Sapphire rehearsal class 

    • 1 Mini Ballet AND 1 Mini Jazz/Lyrical

    • OR 1 Mini Ballet/Jazz class  

  • Emeralds (ages 9-11) // 1 routine per season 

    • Emerald rehearsal class 

    • 1 Junior Ballet class 

    • 1 Junior TLT (technique, leaps & turns) OR Jazz/Lyrical class 

  • Rubies (ages 12-14) // 2 routines per season 

    • 2 Rubies rehearsal classes 

    • 1 Teen Ballet class  

    • 1 Teen or Teen & Senior Jazz or Lyrical class 

  • Diamonds (ages 14-18) // 2 routines per season 

    • 2 Diamond rehearsal classes  

    • 1 Senior Ballet class  

    • 1 Senior or Teen & Senior Jazz or Lyrical class 

  • Each dancer is required to have two pairs of the required shoes and tights - one for rehearsal and one for performances.

  • Each dancer will be required to purchase matching makeup and jewelry for competitions and performances.​

  • Each Gem Line dance will have a corresponding costume. (This does not include recital costumes for regular dance classes.)

  • Every competition attended has a fee per dance (competition fee). Expect 1-2 nights for hotel, food and transportation.

  • Specialty Dances & Extra groups

    • Specialty Dances (Solos, Duos, Trios)

      • One solo, duo or trio will be available to Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby & Diamond dancers with the Competition Director's approval.​

        • An additional solo will be available to senior dancers on Gem Lines.

All teams and families must abide by our Student & Parent Code of Conduct.



Emails are our main form of communication. Parents and dancers will be made aware of important dates, meetings, rehearsals and other necessary information ahead of time. Communication must be consistent between parents, dancers and the Competition Coordinator, Macy.

Drama creates weakness. We want to avoid drama and have a strong team. Dancers and Parents are expected to abide by our Member & Parent Code of Conduct. Both lack of communication and issues regarding the code of conduct could result in dismissal from a team. Should a dancer choose to leave the competition team at any point throughout the year, no refunds will be offered. 


  • We will work as a team, building positive images of company and ourselves whether in rehearsal, performance, or competition.

  • We will be a high-energy school. Dancers are expected to demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm and commitment dedicating essential attributes in order to fully develop our artistic talents, physical skills, and mental capabilities.

  • Performing Company members are expected to meet a higher standard in their work ethic. Supporting not only the Performing Company, but also the Red River Dance & Performing Company and its many needs (For example, assisting the Coordinator, Instructors, Company members, and other dancers at the studio).

  • I will not question the judgement of any faculty member or choreographer.

  • I will exhibit exemplary behavior at the studio and at performances.

  • I will at all times control my emotions and will be considerate of others.

  • I will not make negative remarks of any type with regard to teachers, choreographers, choreography placement, costumes, other parents, other schools, or publicly criticize them in the studio or course of any event.

  • I will not engage in bullying.

  • I will direct all inquiries to The Red River Dance & Performing Company Coordinator & Team.

  • I will not make a judgement on my other dancer’s performances and choose to support them.

  • I will never make a negative comment concerning other parents or their children, whether they are from Red River Dance & Performing Company or another school.

  • I will always applaud for all dancers.

  • I will use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in a respectful manner.

  • I will refrain from using drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

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