Red River Dance & Performing Company enjoys working with other non-profic corporations in the community that have similar missions. The company partners with Trollwood Performing Arts School, Momentum Dance Convention, and Rethink Dance Company to help others create a deeper passion for the arts. 



Trollwood Performing Arts School: 

The mission of Trollwood Performing Arts School is simple, " inspire those we serve through the arts to realize their full potential and be a positive influence in the global community."



Momentum Dance Convention: 

Momentum is a new dance convention to launch in the Minnesota, North and South Dakota area, featuring top choreographers and instructors from the region.



Rethink Dance Company: 

Our mission is to change the direction of dance in our world today. The company is an 18+, contemporary-based performing group that sheds light on dance  by combining live music, dance and culture.







Company, a non-profit corporation, is to promote and support the art of dance through professional and creative instruction, choreography, and performance. 


Red River Dance